my newest app – eat umbria

Eat Umbria

One of the reasons I launched my new app Eat Italy 3 months ago was that it allowed me to offer you new and updated software to support my original trio of apps, Eat Rome, Eat Florence and Eat Venice. But what I was really excited about was the chance to add new cities and… 

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how to make a bellini {locanda cipriani – torcello}

Bellini at Locanda Cipriani, Torcello, Venice

In my mission to get out of the center of Venice and onto the lesser trafficked islands, there was one place I knew I wanted to revisit: Torcello. Torcello is located in the upper reaches of the lagoon, just north of Mazzorbo and Burano. When the vaporetto lets you off, there is no  choice: take… 

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dining on the eolo {venetian lagoon}

The Eolo, Venice

As much as I love Venice there is a flip side to its charms. Yes, the watery city is impossibly romantic and the beauty can bring you to tears. But you know what else can bring you to tears? The crowds. As tourism all over the world reaches new and dizzying heights, Venice is almost… 

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osteria la zucca {venice}

Zucca_Venice_Elizabeth_Minchilli - 4

During my most recent trip to Venice I had two objectives. The first was to explore the lagoon, getting out of the main city of Venice to visit some of the lesser known islands far from the hoards of tourists. I’ll be telling you more about that later. My second objective was in some senses easier,… 

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zucchini recipe roundup

Zucchini, Elizabeth MInchilli

It’s zucchini season big time. We are right in the midst of it. If you have a vegetable garden then you are probably at the giving-them-away stage. And if you have a CSA? Then I’m sure you’re receiving your body weight in zucchini by now. But even if all you’re doing is heading to the… 

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roasted eggplant {herbs + mozzarella}

Roasted Eggplant with Herbs

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting recipes lately on my blog, it’s for a simple reason. I haven’t been cooking. We are currently suffering through a heatwave here in Rome and the thought of even entering my kitchen, much less turning on any form of heat, is just too scary to contemplate. So… 

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ristorante dalla marisa {venice}

Ristorante Dalla Marisa, Venice Elizabeth Minchilli In Rome

A typical equation when choosing where to eat in Italy – especially for tourists – is food + view. The ‘where can we eat well with a great view’ question is one that I get very often. And by view,  most people mean dining on some idyllic roof top or piazza, looking out over Florence… 

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pizzeria emma {rome}

Pizzeria Emma, Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Last week I met a girlfriend for lunch. Usually, when I meet someone for lunch, in Rome, pizza is the last thing on my mind. Traditionally pizzerie in Rome were always open only in the evening. Since making pizza involved heating up a wood burning oven, this was something a) you only wanted to do… 

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sugar {pastries for breakfast in milan}

Sugar_Elizabeth_Minchilli - 3

If you’re like me you dream of having a perfect buttery croissant for breakfast just about every morning. And if you’re like me, you reign yourself in, and have fruit and yogurt, or maybe cereal or oatmeal. Or do you go the savory route? Eggs maybe? But if you’re like me, then every so often… 

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antica mescita di san niccolò {florence}

Antica Mescita di San Nicolo Florence Elizabeth Minchilli

Long before the neighborhood of San Niccolo’ in Florence became trendy with the opening of restaurants like Zeb, and Fuori di Porta  there was Antica Mescita di San Niccolò. This venerable place is part of the Florentine tradition of vinai – wine sellers –  and despite its casual and simple atmosphere the wine list here is superb,… 

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