paradise beach {day trip from rome}

Fried Calamari, Paradise Beach

When people ask me when is the best time to come to Rome, I always tell them that I love the winter. First of all, it’s blissfully empty. Even though there will always be tourists in Rome (thank god!), during January and February there are few of the larger tours groups that make getting around… 

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wild boar ragù {video}

Wild Boar Ragu

Even though we spend a lot of time in Umbria in the summers, it’s the fall and winter that I love the best. There’s something about the smell of a wood fire, dramatic grey skies and the  monotone landscape that makes me want to take long walks and then come inside to hearty meals while… 

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bresaola + arugula

Bresaola and arugula

Sometimes you just want easy. It could be that the rest of your meal is pretty complicated and so you need a first course that you can pull together in a minute or two? Or maybe you’ve invited some friends over for lunch, but realize that while you want to offer something pretty and delicious,… 

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radicchio {risotto}

Risotto with Radicchio

Even though radicchio is gorgeous when raw, it’s not my favorite way to eat it. I know that if I simply tear the leaves up, put them in a wooden bowl and toss them with olive oil, a splash of vinegar and some salt they will retain their almost painfully brilliant crimson hue. But the… 

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roasted brussels sprouts + pan drippings

Brussel Sprouts

Domenico did it again. He came home with pork. He does this so often that I even have a chapter in my new book entitled ‘Bringing Home the Bacon.’ Usually the bacon comes in the form of guanciale, pancetta or sausages. In other words, cured pork, that is usually vacuum packed and so can live… 

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spinach salad {pancetta + fried duck eggs}

Spinach_Salad_Elizabeth_Minchilli - 4

There are certain things I can’t resist at the market. Brightly colored vegetables call my name. Purple heads of cauliflower, crimson radicchio and multi colored carrots will do it every time. But it’s not all bright and shiny. I have a hard time walking past offal too. The weirder and more unrecognizable the better. And… 

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glazed lemon cookies

Lemon Cookies

I know food bloggers are supposed to have the whole holiday thing way under control. Months ahead of time you are supposed to start putting together holiday themed boards on Pinterest (Turkey stuffing in August anyone?) all leading up to that perfect Christmas/Easter/4th of July recipe several weeks before the actual holiday. The problem is… 

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feeding baby goats {umbria}

Baby Goats Elizabeth MInchilli

I recently received a comment from a reader questioning the motives behind my videos. He was commenting on the video that I posted recently, of the Fennel and Orange Salad. Even though I provided text instructions within the video, and linked to a full recipe for the salad, he was upset that I hadn’t also… 

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al pompiere {rome}

Dal Pompiere, Rome. Elizabeth Minchilli

You know when you spend a long time with someone, you can finish most of their stories yourself? Of course this happens when you are married to someone for a quarter of a century (that would be me). But even more than long time spouses? What about those stories that your siblings or parents tell?… 

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broccoli, lemon + hazelnut {pasta}

Broccoli, Lemon and Hazelnut Pasta

When life gives you lemons my philosophy is to use them in as many ways as is humanely possible. Once again I found myself with more lemons than I could possibly wish for. And not just any lemons. Lemons picked and brought to me straight from Ravello, on the Amalfi coast. Domenico is working on… 

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