6 rules for visiting rimini

The Beach, Rimini, http://www.elizabethminchilliinrome.com/

When I received an invitation to visit Rimini I said yes right away. Even before I had thoroughly checked out what the trip was actually about, I was just thankful for the excuse to visit this town. I’d always wanted to visit, but never had the excuse. Nor could I ever find anyone else to… 

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zia rosetta {panini in rome}

Tuscany Superb, Zia Rosetta

In the beginning their was ‘Ino. Alessanadro Frassica started this tiny sandwich shop in Florence about 8 ago, bringing the humble panino to new heights. Building on a tradition of street side panino vendors in Florence, Alessandro took care with both the bread and the fillings, turning ‘Ino into an instant hit. Of course many… 

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stazione di posta {rome}

Stazione di Posta, Rome paccheri, ragu di salsiccia e broccolo romano

One of my favorite places in Rome is the  the ex-slaughterhouse, the Mattatoio. Located at the edge of the Testaccio neighborhood, this 19th century complex is a crumbling, magnificent urban archeological wonder. If it was in any other city it would  have long since been restored and be the location of cool exhibition spaces, markets… 

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litro {rome}

Litro, Rome

I know that Litro, which translates as liter, is all about wine. And you should definitely go here for what is probably one of the best ever-changing lists of hard-to-find natural and biodynamic wines in Rome. But if wine is not your thing there also happens to be some of the best cocktails in town,… 

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proloco DOL {rome}

Proloco, Tagliere salumi e formaggi

It used to be pretty easy keeping up with the restaurant scene in Rome, since it really didn’t change that much. I’m not exaggerating when I say that some of the same waiters who I knew as a child are still serving in the same restaurants that I now go to with my own kids. And… 

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broccoletti {rome}

Broccoletti Paccheri with Fish

Our neighborhood Monti keeps getting better and better. Yes, I’m sad that many of the small artisans shops that were here when we first moved in have closed, but that’s happening not only all over Rome, but all over the world. Sad but true. But at least for now, most of the newer places that… 

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fried zucchini flowers

fried zucchini blossoms

I know at this point you’re probably getting a little tired of me talking about Salavatore. But we got to hang out a lot last month, and naturally this translated into good food. One thing Salvatore is incapable of doing is arriving somewhere without the gift of food. I’ve already told you what happened when… 

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le sirenuse champagne + oyster bar {positano}


During our most recent trip to Positano we had a completely relaxed, laid back and fantastic time. The greatest part of the trip was that we were with good friends who enjoyed alternating from our swim suits to our at-home wear as much as we did. We were complete beach potatoes and did nothing but… 

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green beans, potatoes + olives

Green Bean and Potato Salad

Lately I’ve found myself in a bit of a green bean rut. My go to recipe is to steam them, and then toss them in a bowl while still warm, with some combination of onions, tomatoes and garlic (although I sometimes add a bit of meat). Loads of olive oil and lemon juice turns it… 

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vineria san fortunato {todi}

Vineria San Fortunato, Todi

Even though I love staying home when we are at our house in Umbria, and cooking straight from the garden, there gets to be a point every summer when I say basta. I just need a night off where I don’t have to cook or wash dishes (although I’m very good at inviting guests who… 

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