la bitta {venice}

La_Bitta_Venice_Elizabeth_MInchilli - 4

I know fish is supposed to be the only thing you eat while in Venice, but given the fact that much of the seafood is actually shipped in from afar, it’s only natural that there should be some good meaty places to go, right? La Bitta is a cozy little restaurant that not only specializes… 

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fennel + orange salad {video}

Orange and Fennel Salad

I’ve written about my passion for fennel and orange salad in the past. It’s a combination that I can’t get enough of this time of year. While I love the big, fat crisp fennel bulbs , what I really get excited about are the oranges. An orange a day is much more exciting than a boring old apple,… 

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pumpkin + beans


I love pumpkin as much as anyone. I love the color, I love the taste, and I love the shapes and sizes they come in. I put it in pasta, in risottos and soups. I love it stuffed into ravioli and can’t get enough of hearty pumpkin gnudi. But I have a confession to make. After… 

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dar filettaro {rome}

Dar_Fillettaro_Rome_Elizabeth_Minchilli - 7

There’s been a lot of talk regarding Rome street food lately. Suppli, pizza al taglio and more panini places than you can count. You would think that street food has been ‘rediscovered’ by a new generation . But there’s one place that has been serving the same simple, quick and cheap Roman street food for… 

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making cheese + pasta {cacio e pepe}


Most days I feel like there are not enough hours to get everything on my ‘to do’ list  done. I look at the clock and all of a sudden it’s 7pm and time to start thinking about dinner. How did that happen? But then there are other days that are so full of amazing, wonderful things… 

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dried fave + tuscan kale {soup}

Dried Fave and Tuscan Kale Soup

One of my favorite dishes from Puglia is almost a non recipe: Fave e cicoria. This is one of the first dishes that Domenico told me about when we first met and were talking about food he grew up with. It was a dish I really didn’t ‘get’ until I had it made by his… 

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la pergola {rome}


I admit that I visit restaurants more often than most people. Between research for my apps, and content for my blog, I get around a lot.  But the restaurants I go to, more often than not, are not on the fancy, Michelin-starred side of things. There are a few reasons for this. One of the… 

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roast carrot + red lentil {soup}


Sometimes the best intentions don’t always lead you where you thought you’d arrive. When I saw a crate full of rainbow hued carrots at the market I of course thought: these will make a gorgeous photograph. I also thought, someone naively it turns out, that they would make a very colorful soup as well. To… 

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anchovy + scallions + orange {pasta}

Pasta with Anchovies, Scallions and Orange

“What is that seasoning? It tastes so good! Wait a minute, don’t tell me…..” I get that a lot. Not because I’ve dug into a jar of some exotic spice a friend has brought back from the middle east or India. No. It comes at me when I’ve done nothing more than grate an orange… 

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flavio velavevodetto {rome}

Cacio peppe, Flavio+Velavevodetto_Elizabeth_Minchilli_in_Rome - 05

Restaurants go up and down in quality, I understand that. Some new restaurants start out great, then fizzle when the shine wears off. And some old favorites decide to begin catering to tourists – trying to make a fast profit – or else change hands and slip downhill. And then there is the problem of… 

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