seadas {sardinian cheese + honey pastry}


Whenever I travel somewhere on a press trip I find that there is usually one thing that keeps showing up at every meal over the course of a few days. In Emilia-Romagna it was Lambrusco, and in Pantelleria it was insalata pantesca. In Rimini a few weeks ago every meal was served with a basket… 

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cavolo nero {kale} tart

Cavolo Nero Tart Elizabeth Minchilli In Rome2

You know that summer has truly left the room when your mind – and your farmer’s market, and every social media feed known to man – turns from tomatoes to kale. And even if here in Rome the warm weather is still hanging on, the cool nights and shorter days mean that the fall vegetables… 

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sardinian pasta shapes {video}

Lorighittas pasta with bottarga, Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

This past weekend I went to Sardinia for the first time. I know it seems surprising that I’ve never been, but, well, I guess I’ve been busy the last 20 years or so. I always meant to go, but somehow just never got around to it. The occasion of this visit was the followoing invitation:… 

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eggplant caprese salad

Eggplant Caprese Elizabeth Minchilli In Rome6

The only downside of traveling on the weekends is that I don’t have a chance to visit the Farmer’s Market to stock up for the week. Since it’s only open on Saturday and Sunday this often puts a severe crimp in my weekly dinners. My usual plan of attack is to head there on Saturday… 

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eating in rimini


While I was in Rimini last weekend it wasn’t all gelato all the time. I managed to take some time off from sightseeing and gelato judging to feed myself. And feed myself well, I might add. Since Rimini is all about the beach, whenever I asked anyone about eating in Rimini, I fully expected to… 

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making + judging gelato {carpigiani}

Strawberry Gelato

Last weekend I went to Rimini to be a judge at the finals of  the World Gelato Tour. When I first received the invitation I saw that it was coming from Carpigiani. In case you haven’t heard of them, they are the folks that make what is generally considered to be the Ferrari of professional… 

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6 rules for visiting rimini

The Beach, Rimini,

When I received an invitation to visit Rimini I said yes right away. Even before I had thoroughly checked out what the trip was actually about, I was just thankful for the excuse to visit this town. I’d always wanted to visit, but never had the excuse. Nor could I ever find anyone else to… 

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zia rosetta {panini in rome}

Tuscany Superb, Zia Rosetta

In the beginning their was ‘Ino. Alessanadro Frassica started this tiny sandwich shop in Florence about 8 ago, bringing the humble panino to new heights. Building on a tradition of street side panino vendors in Florence, Alessandro took care with both the bread and the fillings, turning ‘Ino into an instant hit. Of course many… 

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stazione di posta {rome}

Stazione di Posta, Rome paccheri, ragu di salsiccia e broccolo romano

One of my favorite places in Rome is the  the ex-slaughterhouse, the Mattatoio. Located at the edge of the Testaccio neighborhood, this 19th century complex is a crumbling, magnificent urban archeological wonder. If it was in any other city it would  have long since been restored and be the location of cool exhibition spaces, markets… 

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litro {rome}

Litro, Rome

I know that Litro, which translates as liter, is all about wine. And you should definitely go here for what is probably one of the best ever-changing lists of hard-to-find natural and biodynamic wines in Rome. But if wine is not your thing there also happens to be some of the best cocktails in town,… 

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