antica mescita di san niccolò {florence}

Antica Mescita di San Nicolo Florence Elizabeth Minchilli

Long before the neighborhood of San Niccolo’ in Florence became trendy with the opening of restaurants like Zeb, and Fuori di Porta  there was Antica Mescita di San Niccolò. This venerable place is part of the Florentine tradition of vinai – wine sellers –  and despite its casual and simple atmosphere the wine list here is superb,… 

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okroshka {cold russian soup}


I’m not big on cooking in Rome once the heat hits even in the best of times. It’s high season in terms of tours, so after a long day in the sun, the last thing I feel like doing is getting behind a hotter stove. But this year? It’s about 100 times worse. We are… 

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da nazzareno {rome}

Ristorante Da Nazzareno, Elizabeth Minchilli

Sometimes it takes visiting friends to pull me out of my usual routine.No, I”m not talking about sightseeing.  I’ve long since stopped taking guests to St. Peters, the Forum or the Colosseum. You can go on your own, and I’m more than happy to set you up with a tour guide. But me? Sorry, but… 

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erba brusca {milano}

Beet Risotto Erba Brusca Milan Elizabeth Minchilli

Perhaps the biggest incentive for me to write my most recent app, Eat Milan, was the fact that Expo2015 is currently taking place in that city. I figured that even if a small percentage of the food focussed crowds that are expected to descend on the fair bought my app, I’d be in good shape…. 

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ristorante nino in rome {with victor hazan}


If I tell you that one of the biggest influences on the way I cook has been the original cookbooks by Marcella Hazan, I’m not really revealing anything earth shattering. Her books, Classic Italian Cooking and More Classic Italian Cooking taught a whole generation of us what it meant to cook Italian. Even though I… 

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la vecchia latteria (milan)

Vecchia Latteria Milan

There are lots of new places to eat near the Duomo in Milan. The openings of Eats and Mercato del Duomo provide multi level, stylish, high end food emporiums where you can find just about anything from cornetti to arrancini any time of the day. But one of my favorite places in the center of town is… 

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eating outside in rome {piperno}

Piperno+Elizabeth+Minchilli - 8

Oddly enough I’ve never written a stand alone blog post on Piperno. This is, if memory serves me correctly, one of the first restaurants I ever went to with my parents when we lived in Rome in the ‘seventies. And it continues to be one of my father’s favorite places which means I’ve been there… 

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prosciutto {1 book + 2 recipes}

Prosciutto Elizabeth Minchilli

Sometimes it takes a nudge to remind you of things you take for granted. In my case the thing was food related (no surprise there) and the nudge came in the form of a perfect little cookbook that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. The cookbook was written by Sara Jenkins and is… 

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cheap eats in rome {pastificio}

Pastificio Rome Elizabeth Minchilli

There’s a reason that I lead food tours in certain neighborhoods in Rome, and not others. Even though Campo de’ Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto have changed much over the last decade, with truly disturbing inroads being made by vendors selling everything from fast french fries to knock off purses, it still manages to retain… 

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principe bar {hotel principe di savoia – milan}

Bar_Principe_Milano_Elizabeth_Minchilli - 4

There’s something incredibly grown up about drinking in a hotel cocktail bar. To me it always feels a bit 1940’s and I think I’d be more comfortable  wearing gloves or a hat or at least high heels. I think I may have watched too many Humphrey Bogart movies, but still, there is a sense of refinement… 

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