ubaldo grazia {deruta}

Ubaldo Grazia Deruta

I admit that I get a lot of compliments about my blog. Particularly the photography. (And thank you very much!) But I am well aware that while I work hard at making the photographs look pretty, I can’t take all the credit. If there is one thing  makes anything I cook up immediately share-worthy it… 

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vestri { easter chocolate in florence }

Vestri Chocolate Florence

Since it’s Easter week, your thoughts are probably turning to chocolate, right? If you happen to be in Florence, then there is a place I want to tell you about. Chocolate heaven, wrapped in blue paper. That’s what Vestri is. The Vestri family started making chocolate in Arezzo and now have their Florentine outpost in… 

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beet + mozzarella {salad}

Beet and Mozzarella Salad

I’ve been so happy  to find smallish beets at the farmers market lately. I’ve written about my beet love in the past, and explained  that it’s hard to find small tender beets here in Rome, since farmers tend to let things get out of hand. The result? Huge beets that are not only tough and… 

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Ossobuco is one of those dishes I almost never make at home. I love to order it in a restaurant, but rarely do enough ahead of time planning to cook it myself And by ahead of time planning I mean getting to a butcher that actually has ossobuco for sale. This used to be an… 

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radicchio + strawberry {salad}

Radicchio and Strawberry Salad

I’ve been married for 23 years. And for 23 years my mother-in-law has been asking me the same question after almost every dinner I’ve ever shared with her. “Non mangi frutta?” “You don’t eat fruit?” And for the last 23 years I explain to her that yes, I do eat fruit, but usually I don’t… 

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mile end deli {nyc}


I was back in New York last week for a very quick trip to take care of some business. It was mostly about seeing family as well as a brief visit to meet with my editor. Between catching up with sisters and discussing possible book covers , I didn’t get nearly enough time to work… 

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calamari in inzimino {squid + greens}

calamari in inzimino

Don’t you hate it when you’re in a squid rut? You know, you buy squid and the only two recipes that spring to mind are either grilling it or stuffing it. I bought squid last week and since I did not feel like digging out the grill from its winter hibernation, nor did I feel… 

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raw artichoke salad

Artichokes for Raw Artichoke Salad

Artichokes are fiddly. Before you get to the deliciousness you have to deal with a lot of heavy armor, tearing, trimming and cutting your way past the green and purple leaves to the pale yellow heart. I tend to forget this part of the equation when I am loading up at the market. When I… 

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pasta with anchovies and butter

Fettucine with Anchovies and Butter

Pasta and butter has got to be one of the all time great comfort foods. If you have them at home – and most people usually do – it’s instant supper. Boil the pasta, drain, add butter (preferably way too much than is good for you) and enjoy. Pasta al burro is usually considered a… 

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#carciofogram {artichokes in rome}

The Wall of Artichokes

If you follow me on instagram, FB or twitter then you know I’ve got a bit of a love thing going on with artichokes. I buy them, I cook them, I eat them and perhaps most of all, I photograph them.