slow food + salone del gusto {torino 2014}

Salone del Gusto 2012

Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto and  Terra Madre is one of the major events of the food world. It takes place in Torino every two years and brings together over 900 food producers from 130 countries. During this amazing, delicious four-day event it’s possible to taste, learn about and buy foods not just from all over… 

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mashed potatoes + truffles

Truffled Mash Potatoes

We’re not a meat and potato kind of family by any stretch of the imagination. Most nights, even most weeks, we don’t really do the meat thing. It’s not that we are vegetarian, it’s just that, by the end of the day, the idea of eating a heavy, meat-filled meal just isn’t something I’m craving…. 

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fennel + apple {salad}

Fennel and Apple Salad

Even though I love summer vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant, there is always that mush factor going on. Not that I don’t like mush. But after a summer of lusciousness, in the fall I’m more than ready for some crunch. My favorite go to salad veg this time of year is fennel. I love… 

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roast potatoes + rosemary

Roast Potatoes and Rosemary

When I was up at Laura’s house last weekend I made a discovery. I always suspected that Paola, the fantastically talented woman who cooks for her, had a few tricks up her sleeve that made everything she cooked so delicious. Yes, I realized that she went to great efforts to get the best ingredients. And… 

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grape harvest + goose ragu

Grape Harvest and Goose Ragu

A couple of months ago there was a big kerfluffle on facebook concerning an article that had appeared in a British paper. The report was about the fact that Sting was now inviting paying guests to stay  at his home in Tuscany. The packaged trip was to take place in October so that guests could… 

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roast pork + beer

Paola's Pork Roast with  Beer2

Sorry, but this is going to be a very short post. But better short than nothing, right? The topic is: pork roast. Not just any pork roast, but what has got to be my new favorite recipe for pork roast. We had it at Laura’s this weekend and the recipe comes from Paola, who works… 

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roasted butternut squash + sage pesto

Roasted Butternut Squash with Sage Pesto

I think my favorite season may be Fall. While I love summer, and going to the beach and general laziness that happens in an Italian August, I much prefer the crisp cool days of Fall and the renewed enthusiasm I bring back to my work after a a break. I’m always full of new ideas… 

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gnocchi {truffles + cheese fondue}

Gnocchi with Truffles

How do you like your truffles? Sliced thinly onto barely cooked eggs? Heaped onto a plate of pasta? Or maybe you enjoy the most decadent panino known to man? Last spring I had the mind opening experience of enjoying  heaps of truffles paired not only with potato gnocchi (always a good thing), but also way too… 

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seadas {sardinian cheese + honey pastry}


Whenever I travel somewhere on a press trip I find that there is usually one thing that keeps showing up at every meal over the course of a few days. In Emilia-Romagna it was Lambrusco, and in Pantelleria it was insalata pantesca. In Rimini a few weeks ago every meal was served with a basket… 

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cavolo nero {kale} tart

Cavolo Nero Tart Elizabeth Minchilli In Rome2

You know that summer has truly left the room when your mind – and your farmer’s market, and every social media feed known to man – turns from tomatoes to kale. And even if here in Rome the warm weather is still hanging on, the cool nights and shorter days mean that the fall vegetables… 

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