beets + black chickpea {salad}

Beats and Black Chickpea Salad

You might recognize those beet greens in the photo below. Those would be the same beet greens that I cooked down and used to top bruschetta last week. The main attraction – the beets themselves – got worked into this easy and drop dead gorgeous little salad. Even if you did recognize those beet greens,… 

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beet green + nduja {bruschetta}

Beet Green and Ndjua Crostini

As you know, I currently working my way through quite a large hunk of ‘nduja. Even though I’ve given quite a bit of it away, I’m still knee deep in spicy sausage spread. I find that whenever I have any ingredient I don’t quite know what to do with, the most straight forward answer is… 

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cauliflower + ‘nduja {pasta}

Cauliflower and 'Nduja Pasta

I’m not quite sure what it is about me, but, on a regular basis, people give me food. Let me be more specific, because people giving me food obviously makes sense because of what I do. What I”m talking about is pork. A lot of people give me a lot of pork. Domenico came home… 

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ciao checca {rome}

Pasta alla Checca

If you follow me on Instagram you might think my life is one long pork and pasta fest, with a few whipped cream filled pastries to lighten things up. While I do take photos of a lot of that kind of food, and then share them far and wide, my day-to-day diet is more restrained… 

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asparagus + tomato {pasta}

Pasta with Asparagus and Tomatoes

I know spring has finally arrived when the asparagus appear. The first ones I enjoy are usually the wild ones I pick in the woods that surround our house in Umbria. This year, sadly, I haven’t had time yet to go foraging. But at least I’ve been able to sate my hunger with the fat… 

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antiche mura {polignano a mare}

Polignano al Mare

Most times, when we go down to Bari to visit Domenico’s mother we pretty much stick to Bari. After a 4 and a half hour car ride down the last thing we feel like doing is getting in the car the next day to explore. But when we went down for Easter this year, we… 

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winery visit + torta della nonna

Torta della Nonna

I get invited on a lot of day-long press trips around Italy. They usually involve visiting a hotel, food producer or wine maker. While they are all tempting, and I’d like to accept many of them, I usually end up saying no to most. First of all, a day out on a press trip means… 

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asparagus + eggs

Asparagus and Eggs

That it’s been a very busy couple of weeks is putting it mildly. Since I’ve gone through the process of having a book published (six times) you would think I have the whole process down pat. The thing is, the process has changed immensely since I published my first book 17 years ago. To tell… 

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eating rome {my new book is out!!!}


It’s here!  I know it seems like I’ve been talking about my new book forever, but it’s finally arrived. Today, after much writing, talking and of course eating, my new book Eating Rome is finally on the bookshelves, both real and virtual! I’m so happy and proud and thrilled to share this with you. As… 

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venice restaurants {my top five}


I can always tell it’s a Biennale year in Venice without looking at the calendar. Every two years, on April 1, I begin to get emails from just about everyone I know in the art world. Many are good friends, some are artists I used to know in New York, and others are simply readers… 

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