urbana 47 {breakfast in rome}

Urbana 47

I’m not very social in the morning. It’s not that it takes me a long time to wake up. Actually, just the opposite. I wake up, and while sipping my first cup of coffee, it’s the quite time in the first hours of the day that I find most productive. That’s when I get the… 

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squid + walnut salad {positano}

Squid Salad Grassi Fornillo

The other evening I was out to dinner in Rome with friends. We were laughing, eating and just having fun. You know, just out to dinner. Then one of my friends said “I love it how you’ve managed to turn your everyday life into your job. You are always working, no matter what. You must… 

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fresh cranberry beans {soup + salad}

Fresh Borlotti Beans

I’ve done it again. Succumbed to bright and pretty at the Farmers Market. While I should have just bought a couple of kilos of these brilliantly colored,  fresh cranberry beans in their pods, I ended up walking away with the entire crate. Can you blame me? I’ve spoken in the past about the superiority of… 

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garden on the amalfi coast

Amalfi Garden

Even though my body is back in Rome this week, my soul is still hanging out at a garden on the Amalfi coast. Can you blame me? We spent most of our time last week  in Positano, at a fantastic apartment cleverly rented by Gillian. I’ll be getting to Positano next week, but in the… 

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zucchini + ricotta {salad}

Zucchini Salad with Ricotta

I warned you that more zucchini recipes were coming. Because zucchinis. Just. Don’t. Stop. Just when you think you’ve harvested the last one, there’s another -  small, cute and shiny – hiding under a big floppy leaf. My favorite, laziest, easiest recipe is to eat them practically raw. They get marinated in lemon juice for… 

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drinks at the shard {london}

Aqua Shard

When I lived in New York I never visited the Empire State Building. And here in Rome I can’t remember the last time I actually entered the Colosseum. But put me in a city not my own and I’m as site hungry as the next person. While up in London two weeks ago visiting Emma,… 

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oxford {photos}


It’s summer, and while I’ve been traveling a lot recently it’s been mostly for work. This week though,  I’m actually on vacation. But  still….I find it hard to skip a post.  So consider this a blog-post-lite. I’m sharing photos I took earlier this week while in Oxford. I was there for the Oxford Food Symposium,… 

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eggplant + sage {pasta}


I admit it. I’m attracted to bright and shiny. And by bright and shiny I’m of course referring to technicolor vegetables. While I’m as respectful as the next girl of honestly lumpy, wart and all, heirloom tomatoes, there is something about a perfectly shiny, striated eggplant that cries out to me. Last week I visited… 

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green pepper pesto {da adolfo}

Pesto di Friarielli, Da Adolfo, Positano

The following photographs might look a bit familiar. I’ve written about da Aldolfo, a beach side restaurant in Positano, in the past. It’s one of my all time favorite places in the world. I’m actually headed back to Positano tomorrow with , of course, my friend Gillian for whom Positano has become a way of… 

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zucchini-soise {cold soup}

Cold Zucchini, Potato and Leek Soup

I’ve decided one of my hidden talents is figuring out new things to do with zucchini. Once again, Domenico has over-planted our orto. We seem to have the same conversation each and every year. Domenico: I’m going to the nursery. How many zucchini plants should I get? Elizabeth: 6 will be plenty. At the very… 

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