la cruccola {acqualoreto – umbria}

La Cruccola, Umbria, Elizabeth Minchilli

I think there is an image that most people have when they plan a vacation to the Italian countryside. Whether they are staying at a rented villa, a b&b or a hotel, they hope to stumble across  a little restaurant, in a small village. As they order carafes of local wine, they’ll sit back and… 

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I didn’t have many goals for this past month. Yes, I did a lot of ‘research’ for Eat Umbria. But that meant going out to lunches and dinners with friends and family. Not the hardest job imaginable. I also kept up the blog, but even then I’ve been doing it a bit less than usual…. 

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week long food tour in rome {oct + nov}


So often when I post something delicious on Facebook or Instagram, the comments that I receive are  along the lines of ‘Can I come too?’ or ‘Is there a place set for me?’ Yes, you can. The answer is: Yes. Would you like to join Sophie and me for a week-long , food-filled adventure in… 

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two summer pasta recipes {tomatoes}

Tomatoes, Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

My theory of summer entertaining is a very simple one and usually involves a combination of the following two concepts: easy and tomatoes. Summer cooking should never involve long bouts in the kitchen. And you’d be silly not to involve tomatoes in absolutely every meal possible. While most of the results of this equation are… 

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pasta e ceci {summer version}

pasta e ceci, summer version, Elizabeth Minchilli

Pasta e ceci (pasta with chickpeas) is usually a winter dish. A bowl full of thick, stick-to-your-ribs starch, barely held together by a tomatoey ‘soup’ that is more like a loose sauce. You can even make it ahead of time, letting almost all of the liquid get absorbed by the pasta and chickpeas, so that… 

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lunch in umbria {nancy silverton}

Nancy Silverton, Umbria, Elizabeth Minchilli

Whenever I go over to someone’s house for a meal I always learn something new. Often it’s a recipe, sometimes it’s a technique, and if I’m lucky it’s simply a new way of entertaining. Then there are the rare times that I hit all three at once. I shouldn’t have been so surprised that this… 

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colatura di alici {spaghetti}

Colatura Elizabeth MInchilli

I may not be very good at things like skiing, swimming or running, but if there was an olympic competition for multi-tasking I would win all the medals. I think it’s become almost impossible for me to do just one thing, and one thing only. I realize that as a woman, wife and mother that… 

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anchovies {sea to table}

Anchovy Processing Salerno Elizabeth MInchilli In Rome

I know I go on and on about quality, but there is a reason.  The way I cook, and the recipes I publish here on this blog, often have just a handful of ingredients. And when your dish is made up of just 4 or 5 ingredients,  if those ingredients aren’t the best you can… 

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le frit c’est chic {abruzzo}

Le Frit C'Est Chic, Elizabeth Minchilli

When I have a choice I almost always opt for casual over formal. But in the summer? If I can keep my bathing suit on and flip flops are required, then I’m there. Last week, while I was in Abruzzo, I had many meticulously prepared, pasta-centric meals all over the region while I was being… 

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da romano {burano – venice}

Frittura di 'nonna Gigia' Da Romano, Burano, Venice, Elizabeth MInchilli

My main aim in exploring the islands in the Venetian lagoon was to get away from the massive amount of tourists that clog the alleyways of the main part of the city. Heading out to Mazzorbo, Torcello, Burano and beyond was my idea of getting off the beaten track. This usually worked very well. But… 

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