pasticceria barberini {rome}

Barberini_Caffetteria_Roma_Elizabeth_Minchilli - 5

I’m not sure how a place that serves bite sized portions of tiramisu in edible chocolate cups escaped my attention for so long, but I’d like to apologize for this lapse in reporting. These little bites are from a pastry shop that I’d passed by hundreds of times (it’s a few doors down from  one… 

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artichokes + fave beans

Salvatore_Denaro_Artichokes_and_Fave_Elizabeth_Minchilli - 7

When someone calls and tells you that they spent the morning picking wild greens along the banks of the Tiber in Umbria for you, you run, don’t walk, to that person’s side. That happened last week when Salvatore Denaro gave me a call. Like all telephone conversations with Salvatore, it started in what seemed to be… 

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baked fennel + pecorino

Baked Fennel

During most of fennel’s long season I’m more than happy to slice it thinly and toss it with olive oil, salt and maybe some cut up lemons or oranges. That is lunch for me, at least a few times a week, for most of the winter. I love the crunch of the fennel, combined with… 

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orecchiette + turnip + greens {pasta}

Oreccchiette with Turnip Greens

One of the iconic dishes of Bari is orecchiette con le cime di rapa. Since Domenico is from Bari it was essential that I learn how to make this dish early on in our marriage. It took  a while, but after a few yeas of watching his mother do it, I finally mastered the fine… 

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apple strudel in umbria {video}

Apple Strudel

If you don’t see desserts on this blog very often there is a reason. I usually never think of baking unless there is company coming over. That’s because, during the week or in the course of normal life I try to eat within reason. Since I go out to restaurants so often, and definitely over… 

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bean soup {with drippings}

Bean Soup

I’ve been on a bit of a bean soup binge this winter. Even though I’m not currently, nor ever have been experiencing the kind of winter my sisters and friends (and you?) are on the East Coast this year, there is still something comforting about a big pot of bean soup bubbling away even in… 

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nominations {saveur blog awards}


  I hope you’re having a relaxing, lovely (snow- and rain-free? ) weekend. When I write up recipes during the week on my blog, I always imagine you trying them out when you have more time on Saturday or Sunday. Have you? Did they turn out ok? Did you add something of your own to… 

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torta al testo {video}

Torta al Testo

Some of my favorite Umbrian dishes involve stewed meat with some kind of salty, intense sauce. At Cibocchi, a restaurant near us in Todi I always order the rabbit. And at the La Palomba in Orvieto the namesake pigeon dish comes to the table in the richest saltiest most delicious livery sauce imaginable. At the… 

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paradise beach {day trip from rome}

Fried Calamari, Paradise Beach

When people ask me when is the best time to come to Rome, I always tell them that I love the winter. First of all, it’s blissfully empty. Even though there will always be tourists in Rome (thank god!), during January and February there are few of the larger tours groups that make getting around… 

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wild boar ragù {video}

Wild Boar Ragu

Even though we spend a lot of time in Umbria in the summers, it’s the fall and winter that I love the best. There’s something about the smell of a wood fire, dramatic grey skies and the  monotone landscape that makes me want to take long walks and then come inside to hearty meals while… 

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