how to make involtini {video}


One of the things I’ve decided to focus on with these new cooking videos are dishes that I make at home all the time. Why? I figure that this whole video making thing is a giant learning curve. Between the filming, lighting, editing and writing, the one thing I don’t want to have to worry… 

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butternut squash gnudi {sage + pancetta}

Butternut Gnudi with sage and pancetta

American holidays are funny things for an expat. Sometimes they mean a lot. And sometimes? It’s just another Thursday. Some years I’ve gone all out, making a huge Thanksgiving feast out in Todi, getting a turkey (or a goose, or a capon) worthy of our wood burning oven and then inviting enough people over to… 

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venice cicchetti tour {monica cesarato}

Raboso, at Da Roberto, Venice

Italian isn’t a particularly difficult language to learn. You pronounce things how you read them, and the grammar is a whole lot easier to get the gist of than English. But some words, the ones that apply to very specific Italian cultural moments, are harder to translate. Passeggiata for instance, means taking a walk. But as… 

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love birds + little flowers {deruta ceramics}

Love Birds

Last week I went up to Deruta for the day from Rome. It’s actually not that far, 2 hours door to door. But I would  never have even considered it if not for the fact that two of my long time clients asked me if I would go with them. Sounded like a great idea… 

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red cabbage + kohlrabi {slaw}

Red Cabbage and Kohlrabi Slaw

I’ve been thinking about color a lot the last few weeks since I’m moving my office and have had to make the semi-permanent decision of choosing how to paint the walls. Out of that sentence the first thing you’re probably thinking is ‘she has an office?’ Yes, even though I’ve always worked from home, I’ve… 

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how to make carbonara {video}


Even though I’ve written about making carbonara in the past, it’s such a fundamental part of my life – and Roman cooking – that I think you’ll bear with me if I post about one of my all time favorite dishes one more time. Carbonara is one of those iconic dishes that are seemingly simple,… 

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kale + clementine + almond {salad}

Kale and Clementine Salad

Most people don’t think of fall or winter as salad time. But cold weather salads are some of my favorites. Hearty and crunchy greens paired with fruit and nuts are usually what I’m craving for lunch. One of my favorite winter greens is cavolo nero, or Tuscan Kale. I came home from the Farmer’s Market… 

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spaghetti {zucchini + pecorino}

Spaghetti with Zucchini and Pecorino

It was Friday night and I was supposed to meet my friend Peggy for a drink around 7. I’m not sure how my brain works sometimes, but I thought “wouldn’t it just be easier if Peggy, and her husband Tod, came for dinner.” Like, you know, having an impromtu dinner party is a lot easier… 

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la palanca {venice}

La Palanca, Venice

This past weekend we went up to Venice to meet Emma. She’s studying interior design in London, and really wanted to see the Architecture Biennale before it closed. While we spent two full days at the Biennale, we also managed (of course) to eat way too much. While it’s hard to keep my app Eat… 

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{not} buying antique ceramics in ostuni

Antique Ceramics Ostuni

I know I go on and on about ceramics.  If you follow this blog then you know I’ve got a serious addiction thing going on. The only thing stopping me from indulging (besides cost, that is) is space.  Unless I start buying new cupboards to store them in, I can’t fit one more plate/cut/bowl/platter in… 

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