fiaschetteria beltrame {rome}

Fiaschetteria Beltrame, Rome Elizabeth Minchilli

Before there were ristorante and trattorie, there were osterie, bottiglierie and fiaschetterie. These simple places had a few tables and wine in straw covered bottles (fiasche)  on tap. The thinking was that you would bring your own food, sit at one of the paper-topped tables, and then enjoy a few glasses of frascati while eating… 

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fazzoletto di uova {cooking with rolando}

Fazzoletto di Uova Elizabeth Minchilli

A few weeks ago I had both Salvatore and Rolando cooking in my kitchen in Umbria. Each are great cooks, each has run their own restaurant and each couldn’t be more different than the other. And I’m not talking about the the ‘one is short and one is tall’ thing. I’m talking about personality, way of… 

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arts & food {exhibition at the triennale – milan}

Arts & Food Milan

I was in Milan last week and saw one of the best exhibitions I’d seen in a very long time. Sadly, I’m not talking about Expo2015. The show that completely blew me away was Arts & Food: Rituals since 1851. While in theory this show, curated by Germano Celant, is actually part of the Expo,… 

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fave + guanciale

Fave and Guanciale

Have you ever lived with someone who gives you passive aggressive gifts of food? You know what i mean. Ingredients that look lovely and delicious. But ingredients that take a lot of work on your part to get them to the table. This is one of Domenico’s specialties. When sent off to the market with… 

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antica trattoria della pesa + video {milan}

Antica Trattoria della Pesa, Milano

One of the very first things I ever ate in Milan – close to two decades ago – was a plate of riso al salto at one of Milan’s most historic trattorias. I thought it was the best thing I had ever put in my mouth. Even though much as changed in the last two… 

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anchovies {crostini + pasta}

Crostini with Butter and Anchovies

Simple often looks easy. But behind simple there is often a story that is complex, long and not so simple at all. I was thinking about this last week when Rolando came to visit us in Todi. While Salvatore was busy picking flowers and then frying them – and making a pretty big show of… 

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trattoria temperanza da abele {milano}

Trattoria Temperanza da Abele

Milan does old fashioned with style. While Trattoria Temperanza da Abele is not the only old fashioned trattoria that pairs vintage interiors with traditional well made food, it is certainly one of my favorites. Located a bit out of the center, the otherwise empty street is located in a decidedly residential neighborhood. In other words:… 

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top 5 favorite trattorias {florence}

Sostanza, Florence, Elizabeth Minchilli

Eating in Italy can be delicious. But it can also be treacherous. Yes, there is a lot of great food to be eaten. But sadly, there are a lot of tourist traps as well. No where is the going more dangerous than in the  city centers of Rome, Florence and Venice where tourists seem to outnumber locals… 

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eat italy {my new app}

Eat+Italy+Elizabeth+Minchilli - 1 (5)

On March 11, 2011 I launched my first app, Eat Italy. The app format allowed me to share all my views and opinions about where I think you could find a good meal (and just about anything else edible) in the city I call home. I had such great feedback from you about my highly… 

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eating spring {fried acacia + elderflower blossoms}

Table in Umbria with Flowers

I love it when a guy brings me flowers. And when he brings a truck load of flowers? And tells me that some of them are going to be fried for lunch? Even better. Salvatore came for lunch this past weekend in Umbria to help us celebrate May Day. While eating fave and pecorino is… 

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