domenico’s baked apples

When you’ve got a house full of cooks, it’s hard to know what to blog about first. Evan is visiting and Mona (from the Rome Sustainable Food Program at the American Academy in Rome) came up to Todi with her interns, Miles, Lizzie, Giovanni and David. They arrived with a van full of food and, well…..all I can say is thank god we had started up the pizza oven ahead of time.

Even Domenico was caught up in the cooking frenzy. Yes, that would be Domenico who sort of knows how to cook an egg. But with everyone making pizzas and lamb right and left, the next thing I knew he was making baked apples in the pizza oven.

The apples came from our own tree, and I am pretty sure they are from a tree that we planted in 1995, an Annurca. We had  more fruit than usual this year, since we had a very rainy spring. But apples are kind of boring to make jam from. Apple jam? Somehow I can’t get that excited about it.

So, I was very happy to see Domenico working away at the apples. Of course he had some expert help. Evan was very restrained, and didn’t take over, but gave some judicious advice regarding jam. But, this is definitely Domenico’s recipe.

Domenico’s Baked Apples. 
8 Apples

1/2 cup apricot jam 
1 cup brown sugar
black concord grapes 
Core each apple and cut away some of the skin on the tops.
Fill each apple cavity with as much brown sugar as you can force in, then top with a spoonful of jam.
Top each with a few grape, sprinkle with sugar and pop in your wood burning pizza oven until done (or a 180c/350f oven)
To serve, top with a bit of heavy cream.

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