cherry planter cocktail

The problem with getting into the habit of having a cocktail every night before dinner is that not everyone shares our passion. (Ok. I know there are other problems associated with having a cocktail every night. But I’m not going there) Most people – especially here in Italy – are still very fond of the ‘would you like white wine or prosecco before dinner’ thing. Which is ok. I understand.

But. Well. What I really want is a cocktail.

Which makes me so happy to go over to Sienna and Yves for dinner. Because they are into cocktails big time. While Sienna (who has a gourmet tour company) takes care of the cooking in their house, Yves is definitely the drink meister. He’s the miester of the classics, like martinis, negronis and gimlets. But he also likes to experiment, and is very keen on making it all look very glam. Since he’s also a musician, the music usually goes with the drinks as well. Nice touch.

The other night, as Frank Sinatra played in the background and before Sienna’s feast, Yves served up these beauties, which he is calling a Cherry Planter. I don’t care what he called them. I was just happy to hear the word cocktail.

Cherry Planter

2 oz rum
1 oz maraschino
1 oz roses lime
1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp casis
orange twist

Pour rum, maraschino and roses into a shaker, add ice, and shake till chilled.
Strain into martini glass.
Pour in cassis, which will settle to bottom.
Garnish with twist.

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  1. ekc says

    Lovely post EM! We recently had a friend visit from Italy and I threw a little dinner party. Before the guests arrives, I asked our Italian friend if she would like a cocktail. She looked at me like I had 2 heads! I quickly asked her if she would like a glass of white wine, which she gladly accepted! ;-)

  2. roseolson says

    Looks so good! I love a cocktail and it uses my favorite – maraschino. I make something similar but with gin for a twist on a Tom Collins.

  3. says

    I have a bottle of the Roses lime juice…but can I find the Cassis here in the countryside outside Rome? Will have to have a look! This looks very good.

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