evolution {shopping in nyc}

Like all good Europeans, one of the reasons we go to New York is to shop. Yes. We are one of those Italian families wandering around Broadway, making our way from Nike to Levi. But besides hitting the big brands to stock up on jeans, underwear and sneakers, there are tons of smaller, quirky boutiques I love to visit each time we are in town.

Evolution is one of them. It reminds me of La Specola in Florence, except that everything is for sale. Kind of spooky (lots of skulls) but also cool stuff like gold locust earrings and framed butterflies. Domenico once bought a flayed toad change purse which I thought was kind of gross, but to each his own. Me? Who can resist a scorpion paperweight?

120 Spring Street

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  1. says

    After being in the business for years I know Americans love to shop, for anything, from the iPad to an anteater. Everything is fair game for decoration and items that were once only found in museums are quite often found in trade show booths and showrooms.

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