1. Anonymous says

    I just discovered your Blog thanks to one of my friends in Rome. The pictures are beautiful;amazing how a bit of snow can make an already beautiful city even more beautiful!

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing all the snow Pictures! For those of us lucky enough to travel to Rome, most don’t see or imagine snow in Rome.

  3. says

    It might be a total pain for you living there, but the pictures – and the coverage I saw on TV this morning – make it look magical. I wish I was there. Then again, not a day goes by when I don’t wish I was there.

  4. Anonymous says


    I’ve been thinking of you since I heard about this on the BBC last night. Glad all is cozy. Can you believe it, I think that is more snow than we have had this winter. Last year it was over my head by now…M is happy ’cause the plowing budget is in surplus for the moment!



  5. Anonymous says

    We were there a week later for the second round .The city was shut down but coming from New England’s snowless winter we trudged merrily from post to post.

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