1. says

    Hi Elizabeth –I have been thinking about all the amazing cookies in Rome bakeries. I think they would make the best Christmas cookies. Any recipe source ideas?

  2. Helene Lees, Cherry Hill, NJ says

    I had the most amazing biscotti from the Forno di Fiori (I think that was the name… it is in the Campo di Fiori next to a restaurant called Carbonara, I think… all very foggy about the names, but I could find it in a heartbeat visually if I were there.) They were the house special cookie with hazelnuts… crunchy and so very wonderful! I would love the recipe!
    Thank you Elizabeth for your wonderful blog… the photos and your writing are fantastic. BRAVA!

  3. Anonymous says

    MMMM…they look like the Jewish cookies from Bea’s Bakery in LA. I guess we are really all the same! DELISH!
    your sister from another mother

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