glass in murano {nason moretti}

Glass in Murano, Nason Moretti at Elle Elle
Is there still time to add to my Christmas list? Because Santa, if you’re still shopping, I’d really love something from this store I visited in Murano a few weeks ago.

If you’ve ever been to Venice – and especially Murano – then you know how much effort goes in to making really complicated, expensive, horrifically ugly glass objects. If one more person tells me about how much skill it takes to make one of those scary multi-colored clowns I think Ill puke. And while I’m as seduced as the next person by feats of skill such as blowing a glass octopus the size of a fingernail, I really don’t think there need to be hundreds of stores selling them.

All of which is why I was so happily shocked to discover this little gem of a store on Murano. Beautiful designs paired with brilliant colors. Glasses, bowls, goblets. And not a clown or otherwise useless objet d’art to be seen.

So. Santa. If you’re listening. A set of six of those goblets please, each a different color. And while you’re there? My birthday is coming up soon, and the bowls with the colored rims are pretty nice too.
Glass in Murano, Nason Moretti at Elle Elle

Glass in Murano, Nason Moretti at Elle Elle

Glass in Murano, Nason Moretti at Elle Elle

Glass in Murano, Nason Moretti at Elle Elle

Glass in Murano, Nason Moretti at Elle Elle

Glass in Murano, Nason Moretti at Elle ElleNason Moretti
Elle Elle
Fondamento Manin 52

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  1. says

    Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth. Nason Moretti is now on my list for a planned January visit — after I am done with the work of scoping out some new palazzi. I have mastered the packing of massive quantities of olio nuovo. Now I have to figure out how to get the fragile glassware home….Nice challenge to look forward to.

  2. pippo says

    The weirdest example of Murano glass I ever saw was a pregnant woman’s torso, complete with fetus (in Venice). Not sure who would buy such an item; perhaps it would be perfect for the offices of an American anti-abortion organization.

  3. says

    What beautiful glasses! I find the third set of particular interest. They are reminiscent of a 1950’s California classic, but updated with color and “crunch.” Back in the day Dorothy Thorpe, an artist in glassworks and tableware designer produced items that were de rigeur for every chic hostess. Some of her work was china or etched glass, but much of it was drinkware made with sterling silver (or gold) applied in a band around the top edge of the glass, just as the darker color is incorporated in the glasses shown.

    Ms. Thorpe made all sizes of glasses, thus one could enjoy one’s cocktail of choice in style. I still have some of my mom’s DT glassware. Thanks for displaying these glasses. I am thinking we could make some very fine hay with them!


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