panini in rome {gaudeo}

Gaudeo - Panini in Rome
Things are always happening in Monti. Some people complain that I write about this neighborhood too much. But, there’s a reason a lot of great things are there. It’s a fantastic place to wander around, and is right in the center.

One of the newest places to open is Gaudeo. This small shop does one thing, and one thing only: panini. Which is a really good thing, because with the changes over at Tricolore (which, for the moment, is not doing sandwiches anymore) Monti needed a reliable gourmet panino place. Right?

The formula at Guadeo is simple and delicious. Rolls especially made for them by Roscioli, with organic kamut flour. This means they are soft on the inside, with just enough thin crust on the outside to hold everything in, but not be too tough to bite into. (Which can be a real problem in the Roman sandwich scene, where most rolls are too hard and tough).

The fillings? A who’s who in all that is best and most delicious in Italian cured meats and cheeses. Things Culatello di Zibello, Lardo di Collonato and Mozzarella di Bufala di Paestum as well as grilled artichokes, eggplant and other goodies.   The menu lists about 14 types, while a  rotation of another 3 or 4 change daily.

It’s truly hard to decide which one to order. Which is why it’s so nice they make two sizes. The big panino is large enough to be a meal. But if you’re curious, then order two small ones. Or – do what I did – and bring a friend. Gillian and I ordered up four different mignon panini, that we split in half, so we got to try four different ones. While Gillian fell for the one featuring burrata and culatello, I loved the bacala mantecato.

There is a good selection of craft beer (we split a Maltus Faber Blonde) and a great small – but interesting – selection of wines. Including a few splits from Puglia.

There are a few places to sit inside. Or else you can take your panino to go. In theory, by the end of December 2012 the law banning eating in the street in Rome should be over, so you can (hopefully) head to nearby Piazza Madonna dei Monti to enjoy. Otherwise there are some small parks nearby including Villa Aldobrandini and the park across from the Quinrinale.  

Since the sandwiches are filled with salty, fatty things like hams and cheeses, you’ll probably want something sweet after. At least that’s my excuse for picking up a bag of the chocolate rice crispie type candies for sale. Gaudeo - Panini in Rome

Gaudeo - Panini in Rome

Gaudeo - Panini in Rome

Gaudeo - Panini in Rome

Gaudeo - Panini in Rome

Gaudeo - Panini in Rome

Gaudeo - Panini in Rome

Via Boschetto 112, Rome
Mon-Thurs, 11am-10pm. Fri. – Sat 11-12. 

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing this… I’d noticed Gaudeo since its opening in my numerours strolls on via del Boschetto (On my way to L’Asino d’Oro… ;-) ), and indeed not only the products, but their producers themselves are the who’s who of Italian excellences. What put me off, however, is the conspicuous absence of any price reference on all the boasting blackboards. Did you find prices to be reasonable, upscale or what else?

  2. Engred says

    Grazie Elizabeth – this is now on my lunch list for next year! And I never get tired of reading about your neighborhood!!

  3. says

    The sandwiches are gorgeous, and the bread looks wonderful – kamut flour, huh? No wonder the rolls have that gorgeous golden glow! I want some. Now. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

  4. says

    Looks wonderful–Just think how many our family of four could sample in just one visit! (Admittedly, small samples…) Do tell about more about the law banning eating outside…or have you covered this previously? I have a hard time envisioning its’ enforcement!

  5. says

    You are killing me (in a good way!) with this article and pictures…I really should stop reading your blog when I’m hungry. This is another spot that will go on my “must try” list for a future visit to Rome…hmmmm, maybe I need to start looking for airfare! :-)

  6. Anonymous says

    E~ You’re killing me … can’t wait to return to Roma and sample these delicious looking panini. Best Wishes to you & your family for a happy, healthy new yesr. Ciao, Arlyne B.

  7. says

    I’m new to the blog, but boy am I glad I found it! These look amazing! I’m always on the lookout for a new way to enjoy arugula in panino form, and this looks like the next place to hit. I just wish I had heard of it a month ago when I was there!

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