EAT VENICE – my new app is here!

Since I published my apps Eat Italy (March 2011) and EAT FLORENCE (MAY 2011) I’ve gotten an incredible amount of positive and constructive feedback from everyone who has downloaded them. Everything from suggestions for new restaurants to corrections of spelling mistakes. Grazie!

In addition I’ve gotten a lot of fan mail just thanking me. Well, thank you! I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and support.

One of the recurring themes among the emails, Facebook comments and twitter messages has been Venice. As in “When are you going to do EAT VENICE?”

Actually, I’ve wanted to do it for quite a while. I’ve had the material ready. But due partly to technical difficulties, and partly due to too few hours in the day, it’s taken me longer than I thought. (what else is new?)

But today I’m happy to announce EAT VENICE is here!

Although I’ve never had the good fortune to live in Venice, I have had the pleasure of visiting often for work (and fun of course). Over the years I’ve built up quite a list of places where I love to eat, as well as places that my trusted friends and colleagues (who do live in Venice) recommend. EAT VENICE is the result of all this experience. Not only have I included my own personal favorites – which I have revisited for this guide – but it’s also given me the opportunity to visit several I’d never had the chance to visit before.

The result is my list, all boiled down and presented in one handy, nifty app. Don’t go expecting exhaustive. If you want all the restaurants in Venice there are tons of guide books out there – in English and Italian. EAT VENICE is simply what I think is the best. In other words, these are all places that I go to, love and would send friends to.

In addition to restaurants, I’ve also included things like wine bars, coffee bars, bakeries, markets and kitchen stores. And if you have any suggestions, regarding anything in the app, I’d love to hear from you. Just click on the comments button below each entry. Since I’m doing all the writing and editing on my own, there are sure to be mistakes. First of all: sorry! Secondly: just let me know and thanks to the amazing powers of digital publishing I can fix them immediately.

If you do know Venice already, you may notice that a few of your favorite places are missing. (How many emails will I get asking me why Ca d’Oro alla Vedova isn’t there? ) I just want to let you know that this is version 1.0 of EAT VENICE. The beauty of writing apps is that they can be updated constantly and are always a work in progress. And so in this first version I only wanted to include places that I had visited within the last year. I felt it was important enough to get EAT VENICE out sooner rather than later, and plan on adding more entries and categories in the very near future. (The updates will load automatically to your device, without having to pay more or do anything).

What can you expect from the next update? Ca d’Oro for sure. But also a lot of other places I didn’t have a chance to get to yet. And of course, I’m always open to suggestions from you. But in the meantime,? I’m pretty sure this list of over 92 entries, with over 600 photographs, should keep you going for a while. At least until the next update

To buy EAT VENICE simply log onto iTunes from your computer or the App Store directly from your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Type in EAT VENICE in the upper right search box, or else follow this link.

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  1. Deb says

    I am so excited about this! Many years ago I relied on Buon Ricordo recommendations (the 2 in Venice were very good and I have the 2 plates on my wall), and of course, friends recommendations.
    But now, to have you “in hand” on future visits? Fabulous.

  2. says

    Timing is all. I am headed back in March — with our 15 year old daughters for their first visit. I am beyond excited anyway, but to have Eat Venice already on my phone? What can I say beyond grazie assai.

  3. Anonymous says

    Wonderful! I’ve downloaded all three of your apps in the last month in preparation to take my mom to Italy this June. What a great and very clever resource. Thank you! I’ll be sure to provide feedback during and after our travels.

  4. Italy oh Italy says

    We used Eat Venice two weeks ago on a five day stay and it was very helpful. I was wondering if it was possible to add comments about the restaurants? Venice is heaven.

    • Elizabeth says

      Thank you! Yes, there is a place, beneath each entry, where you can leave comments. It’s very helpful if you do!

  5. Larry says

    Have done a LOT of research on dining in Venice before I got your app. The photos add so much. Seeing some of the places I had picked out was great. And you do a very nice job with the photos – it must be a serious hobby along with everything else you do.
    Thanks for a job well done. Let me know if there is another place to put a review besides iTunes.

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