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I’ve been having some interesting conversations lately about writers using the internet to promote themselves. There is a group of people who somehow think that if you are a writer, and you’ve written a book, then it is near to blasphemous to try to hawk it yourself. And you know what’s even worse in their eyes? Promoting books written by friends.

Their opinion is, that if a book is good, then people will somehow find it on their own. It will speak for itself. That the authors shouldn’t be expected to either talk about, or write about, or promote books that they have an invested interest in. I’m not sure what the thinking is behind this. That it is beneath us? That we shouldn’t be expected to do PR for ourselves? That our opinions shouldn’t be trusted? That the book fairy will leave it beneath reader’s pillows?

Oh, give me a break.

Publishing has changed, and forgive me, but it’s not going to return to what it was. The days of lengthy book tours and pr campaigns financed by the publishers is a thing of the past (unless of course you are a best selling author.)

So, with all these thoughts in mind, I say to you: buy my books.

While most of you know me as writing about food on this blog, the blog itself actually came into being as a means to promote my last book, which came out in 2009: Italian Rustic: How to Bring Tuscan Charm into Your Home. Yes, I write about things other than porchetta, pizza and prosciutto. In fact, for most of my career up until I started this blog, I was writing a great deal about interior design and architecture, and all of my six books covered these beautiful topics.

So, when you start deciding what to give people this Christmas, think about Restoring a Home in Italy and Italian Rustic. And while you’re at it? Buy a copy for yourself.

Because I have no qualms at all about selling my work. I’m very proud of my books, and I have no doubt that if you read and enjoy my blog, then you’ll be happy with the books as well. And you want to know something else? When you buy the books, that goes towards my income, which, in turn, helps pay for this blog.

So there’s that too.

So there, as close to a rant as you’ll ever get on this blog. But, it’s for a good cause. My books. Buy them.


PS To answer your question: yes, I’m working a new book as we speak. And yes, it’s about food. It will be out in time for the holidays next year.  Promise.

Follow these links to immediately start shopping:

Italian Rustic

Restoring a Home in Italy



  1. says

    I just realized that my lovely book on Deruta which my husband gave me some time ago is yours. Being a huge fan of Italian ceramics I love it! Thanks Elizabeth.

    • says

      We, too, love Elizabeth’s work, Janie! Hope that you’ll visit our website ( soon. We’re very proud of 25 years importing fine Italian ceramics—primarily from Deruta, but also a bit from Tuscany. Michele Procko for Ceramica Chester, CT (Formerly also on Thompson St. in New York, as seen in the back of Elizabeth’s “Deruta…” book).

  2. says

    Italian Rustic is a beautiful book in photos and text. Anyone wishing to introduce some of the warmth of Italy into their home should buy the book and impart some of the colors,fabrics and furniture into
    each room. Thanks Elizabeth !

  3. says

    I have checked both of these books out of my local library several times. I think this would be a great suggestion for my aunt who has asked what I would like for Christmas. This post happened at the perfect time!

  4. says

    We have them all and have given them all and will continue to do so for sure. That said, we have been lamenting we can no longer get the Lakes book — but it appears we can? The price is breathtaking — over the USD 75 price when published. Perhaps coming from the UK? Any insight? Thanks for the ‘rant’. A good and beautiful book is always worth buying.

  5. Anonymous says

    Elizabeth, it is your blog, so do what you want…however some people do have problems with you promoting yourself, your husband and your friends in thus space….so whatever you do, don’t make excuses for it….

  6. Anonymous says

    I have your book: Restoring a Home in Italy. It looks like a beautiful coffee table book, and indeed it plays at being that in my own living room…but it is so much more once you begin reading. It is a wonderful book to read and I go back and read over sections time and again. Thank you for your books and for your blogs.

    • says

      EXACTLY…..I was re-reading it just yesterday. I’ll admit ordering/buying it (for a friend, actually) simply because I thought it would be a lovely “coffee-table” book to casually flip through. I read it and ended up keeping the dang thing for myself (I ordered an “Under the Tuscan Sun” desk-calendar (with easily digested epigrams on each page) for her instead.. As you wrote of Elizabeth’s book….. “it is so much more once you begin reading it.”
      david terry

  7. says

    If people are here on your blog and stay with it, they probably like your style, content, ideas and vignettes of Italian life. I’ve been reading your blog for around 2 months, and had no idea you had published books until your post on that amazing Umbrian castello revamp. I followed the links to the architecture reviews on the place that you posted, and came across by a roundabout way that you had books on Tuscan houses and style. I’ve already bookmarked one in my Amazon basket. It appeals because I too have an old stone house in the Med, if not Italy but pretty similar. I’m glad I found it, via your blog. Think of all those third-party businesses you’re posting about (and giving free PR too) when you write about your Italian jaunts – from little bars to more fancy Roman restaurants. So I have no issue with you being proud of your work; it’s what led to this blog which I enjoy. Good on you!

  8. says

    If you won’t toot your own horn, who else will, other than your husband, children & family…so brava for having the guts to do so! We have been taught not to talk about or even god forbid, brag about our accomplishments.I will remember your courage in doing so and thank you!

  9. says

    I loved this and also really appreciated when you promoted your friends books as well. I think that most of us have absolutely no idea what a true challenge it is not only to be published but for that book to then be promoted and seen! So by all means, “rant” away ;) and I will certainly keep your books in mind for the holidays.

  10. says

    This book looks fabulous, Elizabeth! Now you really *must* insist this book come out on Kindle! So many people (including myself) have basically stopped buying paper books.

  11. says

    Many thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic and supportive comments here. It means a lot to me that you take the time to check, and let me know your thoughts. And even better when they are so full of warmth!

  12. says

    I have both of these books and they are great!

    I agree with the other comments that they are more than just coffee table books.

    Regarding PR and publishing, seeing how most high profile book deals are going to people only because they have a platform, (a blog or reality TV show) anyone who thinks it’s bad form to promote your own or friends’ books on a blog must believe it’s still the 50′s or early 60′s. Back then magazines like TIME or LIFE had people like Thelonious Monk, Jackson Pollack, or Philip Roth on the cover instead of Snooki and the Situation.

  13. says

    I just came across your blog while searching for places to eat in Monti :) I personally don’t think there is any shame in self-promoting your book because let’s face it – the literary world is pretty tough! A good friend of mine recently self-published his first book, and he’s been self-promoting like crazy. Why? Because he wants it to get out there. If you’re an unknown author, and one who self-publishes, there’s no other way for people to discover because your friends and family can only promote you so much. These days, social media and ‘word of mouth’ are the best ways to get yourself out there. Now, I will go check out your books!

  14. says

    Oh I have had your books ‘bookmarked’ for a while Elizabeth, thinking maybe a gift to myself for my 50th.
    I have no idea about these conversations but are these people living in the real world? Promote your heart out and get your friends to do the same, I have links to your books on my blog, and would be happy to promote anything just let me know, I am passionate about this as you know. So much has been happening since we moved to Italy and we just finished filming for House Hunters International, just now getting back in the groove of writing and blogging, and I am yet to do a post about your husband and his amazing projects like I promised, hopeless I know.

    I only wish I cooked lol

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