porchetta diana {ariccia}

As you may remember I wrote all about the best porchetta I’d ever had recently. And I still stand by that. But that’s not to say that there is not other good porchetta out there. One place we stop during road trips is located in Ariccia. Ariccia is a gorgeous little town, located along the road to get to and from Sperlonga. So it always seems to make sense to pull over in the main square, for a quick porchetta break.

Ariccia is known for its porchetta. Unlike the porchetta I sampled in Marino, these are huge, entire pigs roasted in wood burning ovens for about 5 or 6 hours. There are a lot of places along the road that sell sandwiches but I’m partial to Diana. Why? It’s always full of both locals as well as Romans either heading out to their country places or back into town after a weekend away. And they are stopping because the porchetta is really really good. Crispy, crunchy skin, and tender meat that is perfectly seasoned and not dried out.

The thing to get is, of course, a panino. The owner will slice open a ciriola (a football shaped crusty roll) and then look at you. Because, you see, you have a choice here. Do you want yours grasso (fatty)? or magro (lean)? And would you like your slices thin or thick?

Maybe you don’t know there was so much choice? Maybe you should get a few different  panini? One of each? 

Maybe you’ll just have to come back several times before you decide which one is exactly right for you.

Porchetta Diana Aricina
Piazza di Corte 1



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