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Pasticceria Regoli, Rome

There are some places in Rome that I find very dangerous. Regoli is one of them. I can’t seem to walk within a 10 block radius of this pastry shop without making a beeline for one of their incredibly rich, cream-stuffed, flaky delights.

Regoli is a family-run pastry shop that specializes in rich, cream filled pastries that aren’t always part of the Roman repertoire. The Bavarese may be my downfall. I can’t resist the two flaky layers of pastry that hold together a virtual slab of heavenly cream. The Fagottino alla Ricotta is a similar delight, switching in chocolate-studded ricotta for the cream.

Just in case you  are invited to a dinner party in Rome, nothing can beat arriving with one of their famous cakes. Their Ricotta Tart is one of the best in Rome. Seasonal treats include the chestnut filled Monte Bianco and the cream-filled individual tarts topped with wild strawberries.

Since this is January, and I have sworn off sweets for the moment, I’m acting as if Regoli has a restraining order out on me. I’m just not getting close, because I don’t know what might happen. On the other hand, if you invite me for dinner, I might be forced to break down and buy you a cake. Because, well, that’s the correct thing to do, right?

Pasticceria Regoli, Rome

Pasticceria Regoli, Rome

Pasticceria Regoli, Rome

Pasticceria Regoli, Rome
Pasticceria Regoli
Via dello Statuto 60, Rome
Closed Tuesday. (Which is inevitably the day you will decide to go. And be heartbroken)

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  1. says

    Oh how I love Regoli and their Bavarese! I have planned all of my Piazza Vittorio errands for Tuesdays this month so that I am safe from temptation. February can not come fast enough :)

  2. Anonymous says

    I am glad to see Regoli is still as glorious as before…I lived two blocks from them for eleven years (’78-’89) then I moved to the country side outside Rome…

  3. says

    Did I see canoli? OMH…I need to find the sfogliatelle! I need to find this place! Ricotta tart…does it get any better? This is going to take a few visits and a lot of walking afterwards!

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