#carciofogram {artichokes in rome}

Artichoke Salad - 02If you follow me on instagram, FB or twitter then you know I’ve got a bit of a love thing going on with artichokes. I buy them, I cook them, I eat them and perhaps most of all, I photograph them.

I’ve even invented my own hashtag #carciofogram, so that it’s easier than ever to play tag and look at each other’s artichokes.

So, without much ado, here is a little video to celebrate the past few artichoke-filled weeks here in Rome

Hungry for artichokes? Here are some recipes to try:

Chicken Liver and Artichokes
Artichoke and Fave Pasta
Rabbit Vignarola
Artichoke Lasagna
Risotto with Artichokes

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  1. says

    Complimenti per il video che dà la giusta celebrazione a questo prodotto che adoro.
    Colgo l’occasione per fare i complimenti al blog che seguo con molto piacere.

  2. says

    Fun video! I loved the artichoke sculpture – it reminded me of the lemon festival in Menton where lemon sculptures are everywhere. I did notice that there were no spiny artichokes like the ones I buy in Ventimiglia. (Liguria) Do they sell those in Rome too? I must check next time I’m there.

    • Elizabeth says

      The spiny ones do show up sometimes, but they are imported from other regions of Italy, like Sardinia.

  3. says

    lovely! Of course, we do have artichokes in the US, but they are just not the same (not as good!) as in Italy. What is it that makes the US artichokes so different from the many varieties you can find in Italy?

    • Elizabeth says

      I think it has to do with a few things. The varieties grown in the States are made for shipping long distances and keeping a longer time. And of course there’s climate too.

  4. CD says

    This video is so adorable! Thanks so much. The music reminded me of my childhood when I played the accordion. And Campo de’ Fiori is where I spent a month a few years ago. I can’t wait till I’m back in Rome and ride the Vespa. Your apps would be indespnsible when in I’m in Italy! –CD

  5. nina says

    Yes, you get those small spiny ones in Sardegna, too – delicious raw in a salad! In Rome I only found them (but many years ago, don’t know if the shop is still there) in a little “primizie” vegetable shop near Piazza in Lucina.

    • Elizabeth says

      No, sadly, I don’t think that shop is there anymore. All the smaller vegetable stores in that area of town have long since morphed into yet more shoe shops.

  6. says

    Fantastico Elizabeth…artichoke madness indeed! God, after seeing the video, I am chomping at the bit. Give me artichokes and give me them now! I agree, it’s all about the climate and freshness. We are lucky to have a woman who grows them here but it’s a long time until August, don’t you agree. I am going to eat them at least once a day when we get to Roma! Can hardly wait…love that you can buy “prepped” ones in the Campo!


  7. says

    Great video Elizabeth and gorgeous artichokes! I am also pazza per carciofi and have been making them ‘alla romana’ here in California already this year. I also cooked them on a San Francisco TV show a few years ago which you can see at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4plHsJNeY5o . It is the one dish that my clients and students go crazy for…unfortunately they aren’t so crazy about cleaning the artichokes, making me wish we had carciofai like in Campo dei Fiori. I use the lovely local globe artichokes that are grown in nearby Salinas Valley near Monterey.
    From California to Rome with amore,
    -Deborah Dal Fovo

    • Elizabeth says

      I’ve always wondered how these recipes work with local , California, chokes. It’s good to know you are having delicious success.

  8. says

    Love the videi! In Canada it’s hard to get really fresh artichokes so when they come in I go crazy! As I write this I am in Oneglia, Imperia, Italy for the O.N.A.O.O. Professional Olive Oil Tasters course and artichokes are on every menu in every restaurant in town, not to mention at every market.. I’m getting my fill and loving every mouthful! Especially the spiny ones that Jennifer mentioned as those are ones that we don’t see in Canada!


    • Elizabeth says

      It sounds like you are getting your artichoke fix for the year packed into a few short days. The way to do it!

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