I still have a hard time believing that people actually pay me to write about beautiful homes, delicious food and interesting people. But that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years.

I started out life as an academic, working on my dissertation on sixteenth-century garden architecture. During a break from working in the Medici archives, I met my husband - Domenico - and decided that maybe I didn’t really want to go back to the States and teach undergraduate art history somewhere in the midwest. So I changed gears and very soon had a husband, babies, dogs and a brand new career writing for magazines like Architectural Digest, World of Interiors, Art & Antiques and Bon Appetit.

But this blog thing is relatively new. I thought for a long time about doing this, but didn’t really get motivated until my latest book, Italian Rustic, came out in 2009 and the publishers suggested the trifecta of FacebookTwitter and Blogging. At the beginning I had a hard time wrapping my head around what I wanted to say. So, rather than make any decision, I’m just started recording what I’m up to, day to day.

Although I started out writing mostly about design, shopping and travel,  food eventually took center stage. This was a natural development, and one I  didn’t have to think too much about. Food has always loomed large in my life and writing about it, day to day, has come easily. I write a lot about restaurants, but also include a lot recipes and and often try to tackle more abstract issues.  And drinking. I really love to drink. So there’s that too.

While I do occasionally mouth off, I do try to keep the blog useful. I’m hoping that each blog post will give you something you can take away with you – a recipe, or a restaurant or something to do next time you’re in Rome. I’m big on lists, and hope you’ll print them out and forward them around.

While I love writing books, I’m always willing to embrace any new media that comes along. With this in mind, I’ve written three apps,  EAT ROME, EAT FLORENCE AND EAT VENICE that have turned into best sellers on iTunes. Eat Italy is on its way, and launches in September.

And due to popular demand, I’ve started organizing food experiences in Italy. I lead food tours, in Rome and can help you plan out your culinary itinerary while you are traveling in Italy.

Images: My writing career has had everything to do with gorgeous photographs. I write those big, beautiful coffee table books, and my articles in Architectural Digest etc. are always accompanied by superbly styled shots of homes and gardens. So, I do know a bit about styling. But I’m just starting on the learning scale of taking my own pix. I’m currently doing my best with a dinky point-and-shoot. But I’ll soon be turning my attention to better equipment and – I hope – better photographs. Stay tuned for more updates.

Geography: Yes, I’m in Rome. But I also have a house in Umbria, and travel around Europe quite a bit. So expect reports from all over.

I think that covers the big issues. For the smaller ones, keep reading my blog.


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