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I’ve been living and working in Italy for most of my life. And I’m happy to say that food has been a big part of that. Not only do I love to cook, but am lucky enough to write about restaurants, shopping and travel for most of the big magazines like Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure,  Bon Appetit and Town &; Country. I admit it, I’m a foodie, for better or worse.

For years I’ve kept a personal list of my favorites (restaurants, hotels, stores, bakeries, etc.) that I was happy enough to give out to friends, editors, colleagues – and, well, anyone who asked. And a lot of what I discover makes its way to this blog, where I write about all sorts of good stuff in Rome, Italy and beyond.

On March 11, 2011 I launched my first app, Eat Italy. The app format allowed me to share all my views and opinions about where I think you could find a good meal (and just about anything else edible) in the city I call home. I had such great feedback from you about my highly personal lists of favorite places to go, that I soon  followed up with EAT FLORENCE and EAT VENICE.

I have now launched a new single app: EAT ITALY As you know my travels take me up and down and all around this delicious country. In my new app I’ll be able to share my recommendations from Bari to Torino and everywhere in between.

EAT ITALY Is the result of my years of eating and living in Italy, all boiled down into handy, nifty app. Don’t go expecting exhaustive. If you want ALL the restaurants in each city there are tons of guide books out there – in English and Italian.The EAT ITALY apps are simply what I think is the best. In other words, these are all places that I go to, love and would send friends to. I’ve edited them all down to a list you can trust.


TRAVEL & LEISURE: Top Italian Food Guide App: GPS-enabled apps with Minchilli’s picks and reviews for the best places to eat, drink, and shop for food in each city

FOOD & WINE: For anyone planning to visit cities in Italy, here’s a suggestion: The Eat apps written by Elizabeth Minchilli, veteran traveler and Italy specialist.

LA TIMES: “Minchilli’s judgements are informed and unvarnished.”

CONDE NAST TRAVELLER: “Elizabeth Minchilli, a true aficionado”

ZAGAT:  “…for adventurous eaters – those who really like food.”

HUFFINGTON POST:  “Minchilli beautifully details over 200 food spots.Minchilli clearly knows what she loves and loves to write.”

You’ll find most of the entries are located in the historic center of towns, since that’s the area most convenient for the majority of folks. In addition to restaurants, I’ve also included things like wine bars, coffee bars, bakeries, and kitchen stores as well as a selection of hotels.

How it works: Eat Italy is a free app. You can download it this very minute. Right now. Right here on to your iPhone or iPad. Inside EAT ITALY you will find Eat Italy, EAT FLORENCE, EAT VENICE and EAT MILAN. You can download them for a free trial, and you’ll get my five favorite picks for each city for free. Then, if you would like the full guides, you can purchase them separately.

The important things to know:

-If you previously purchased the original versions of Eat Italy, EAT FLORENCE and EAT VENICE these apps will no longer be supported or updated. They will continue to work on your phone in the current operating system, but they will eventually start to degrade since I am no longer able to update the software.

-My new app Eat Italy is free.

-Eat Italy, Eat Milan, Eat Italy and Eat Venice can be bought as in app purchases in EAT ITALY.

-New cities and regions will be launching in the coming months. Stay tuned for EAT PUGLIA, EAT UMBRIA and EAT TORINO. Also in the works: EAT BOLOGNA, EAT NAPLES and EAT SICILY.

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